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  • High Quality Development
  • Opportunities to Support Educational Equity
  • Purposeful Connections
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Leading Classrooms Fellowship

The Leading Classrooms Radical Educators Fellowship is a year-long development opportunity to harness the leadership impact of alumni teachers in Philadelphia schools by joining them with a likeminded movement of teacher leaders in order to create positive change within their schools and to become agents of change across the wider Philadelphia education landscape as they continue to teach. The fellowship will focus upon three pillars, each informed by alumni feedback about the development they are seeking as they continue their teaching career, and aligned to our Philly regional vision: that with Radical Educators and Limitless Kids we can find an Alternate Philly that is committed to educational equity.

Staff Point of Contact: Daria Silvestro


Leading Schools Fellowship

The Leading Schools Fellowship will give participants an academic year to explore their leadership style, potential, and areas for growth; learn from various radical school leaders and movements in the region; explore foundational principles of school leadership; and work with one another, TFA staff, and a mentor to continue to build their educational network and expertise to fuel and direct their continued growth and trajectory towards potentially leading a school one day.

Staff Point of Contact: Claiborne Taylor


Leading Systems Fellowship

The Leading Systems Fellowship will provide participants with skill development and reflection on issues of personal and interpersonal leadership; setting bold and radical strategy and vision and executing it effectively; and examining the competencies needed to lead effectively at the systems level.

Staff Point of Contact: Claiborne Taylor


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Series

We, at Teach For America Greater Philadelphia, aspire to embody the commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusiveness we envision for our nation. With this commitment, we are partnering with the Racial Empowerment Collaborative (REC) at the University of Pennsylvania to offer an 18-hour DEI Series. Participants will understand how practicing in-the-moment racial stress reduction and coping strategies can increase competence in identifying and reducing racial threat reactions.

Staff Point of Contact: Claiborne Taylor


Schools to Learn From

Schools to Learn From – Greater Philadelphia gives educators in the region the opportunity to learn from dynamic and innovative schools in the region. The ideal participants for this program are educators who want to continue to improve their school(s) and find ways to increase their connections to other great educators in the region.

Participants visit the innovative school, learn from staff and key stakeholders, and connect with other educators in the region throughout the day. Attendees will also receive professional development from the school staff and space and time to determine how to bring elements of what they see back to their own school communities.

Staff Point of Contact: Claiborne Taylor

Community Education Clusters

The Community Education Cluster initiative is looking for Alumni who want to get involved to support a neighborhood school and network with other Alumni and professionals in their community. For the upcoming school year we will focus our efforts in the following three Philadelphia neighborhoods: West Philadelphia, North Philadelphia and South Philadelphia.

Staff Point of Contact: Bari Greenidge


ROOTs Programming

The ROOTs Student Leadership Fellowship is an opportunity for high school students to develop their personal and leadership skills while networking with professionals and organizations from Philadelphia in the planning of the second annual ROOTs Youth Summit.  We will meet monthly starting on Wednesday October 11th. The sessions will focus on the following pillars of Youth Development: Leading, Thriving, Learning, Working and Connecting.  Sessions will feature guest presenters from a range of organizations and will be “hosted” by TFA alumni and staff.

Staff Point of Contact: Bari Greenidge

The Collective

The Collective is a network for Teach For America’s alums of color and seeks to meaningfully advance educational outcomes for our children through the continuous engagement, leadership development, and mobilization of alumni of color. Teach For America Greater Philadelphia’s Collective chapter is committed to the connections and development of the over 450 alums of color living in the region. To support the ideas, leadership, and mobilizing powers of the Greater Philadelphia Collective, we are offering the opportunity for three alums of color to serve as Partners on three distinct projects of their creation during the 2017-18 school year. Each Partner will receive $750 and the support of TFA staff to make their idea a reality for our region and the city.

Staff Point of Contact: Charles Barrett Adams


Thursday Bites

Once a month, we’ll offer free dinner at the TFA office from 5:30-7:30 pm to any and all alums interested. It’s an informal time to connect with other alums and corps members, touch base with TFA staff, and hear and share updates on opportunities in the region.

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Leading as a Woman Series

We are launching a new alumni series: Leading as a Woman. In addition to growing skillsets, it is our hope that the series will strengthen community between alums and panelists and create another opportunity for our alums to network. The series will be offered in the winter/spring.

Staff Point of Contact: Ilana Valinsky

The Art of Coaching Book Club

Elena Aguilar’s The Art of Coaching has the potential to build and transform your instructional coaching skills. This book club is perfect for anyone who is interested in coaching in the future, or already has formal or informal coaching roles. Starting in September, the book club will meet every 3 weeks until December and culminate in an optional school visit to put our new coaching skills to work!

Staff Point of Contact: Daria Silvestro

Grow in Greater Philly

Building a Thriving TFA Community Pursuing Collective Impact Towards One Day

On Saturday, November 18th, close to 300 Teach For America corps members and alumni and other leaders from across the city will converge to build their professional skills and capacity while more deeply connecting to one another, their communities, and ways to take action – inside and outside schools - in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Come grow with us! Register today.

Staff Point of Contact: Claiborne Taylor